NYC Attractions Best Seen on Water

NYC Attractions Best Seen on Water

NYC Attractions Best Seen on Water

Best NYC Attractions seen on a Yacht

Imagine Yacht Charters Best NYC Attractions by YachtThere’s nothing quite like standing on a crowded NYC street, cabs and buses and hundreds of people buzzing by as you gaze up at all of the city’s most wondrous sights. That is, of course, unless you have the opportunity to view the best NYC attractions from the Hudson River and New York Harbor. Imagine Yacht Charters provides a unique experience to see New York’s most iconic sights aboard a luxurious, private NYC yacht charter with just you and your 5 closest friends. Chartering a yacht in NYC gives you a unique perspective on the most iconic NYC attractions, where the best view is from the water.

5 Spectacular NYC Attractions to View by Charter Yacht

Imagine Yacht Charters NYC Attractions on the WaterStatue of Liberty. While she can be seen from just about anywhere in Lower Manhattan, you don’t get the full scope of her wonder until you have the opportunity to see the Lady Liberty up close from the water.

Ellis Island. The gateway for millions of immigrants coming from their motherland seeking hope and opportunity in New York City, Ellis Island is a true symbol of American freedom. You could spend an entire day on the island, exploring the buildings and reading inspirational immigrant stories. But, a quick pass on our yacht gives you the opportunity to get a glimpse of a building block in America’s rich history.

Battery Park. The fort that defended the city during the War of 1812 still stands strong today. From the water, you’ll get spectacular views of monuments, the garden and the Castle at The Battery.

The Met Cloisters. As your yacht charter travels further up the Hudson River into Northern Manhattan, you’ll see one of the lesser known, but equally amazing, NYC attractions: The Met Cloisters. Considered an extension of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, from the water you’ll see a tribute to medieval European architecture including rebuilt French abbeys, gardens and sculptures.

Colgate Clock. Technically, this attraction is in Jersey City, but from the New York Harbor you get views unmatched by those on land. It is especially vibrant at night when the giant hands glow neon red!

Brooklyn Bridge. Sailing underneath this 130 year old New York icon gives you an unprecedented appreciation for the engineering work behind this massive structure.

Imagine Yacht Charters NYC Attractions Best Seen on WaterThe New York City Skyline. Of course, we have to end our list of the best NYC attractions seen by water with one of the most magical views in our modern society. If you thought New York was spectacular by day, a yacht charter reservation at night to see the skyline lit up will truly take your breath away! Consider Imagine Yacht Charter’s sunset cruise, or a super romantic proposal with the city’s lights as your background.

Charter a Yacht in NYC

Imagine Yacht Charters offers several amazing private yacht charters to see some iconic NYC attractions by water, escape the city for a few hours or take in nature with a fall foliage cruise. Whether you’re looking for something historic, adventurous, romantic or you want to get on the water to party, Imagine Yacht Charters has a trip for you! Click here to see our trips & rates, or give us a call to plan your own custom day on the water.