Fascinating Brooklyn Bridge Facts

Fascinating Brooklyn Bridge Facts

Fascinating Brooklyn Bridge Facts

Interesting Brooklyn Bridge History & Construction Facts

Imagine Yacht Charters Brooklyn Bridge FactsWhen you think of New York City several landmarks come to mind: the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Times Square and, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge. Imagine Yacht Charters, a NYC luxury charter yacht, highlights 15 interesting Brooklyn Bridge facts. Our list includes information about its construction, fun facts and even a few urban myths.

15 Brooklyn Bridge Facts Even Native New Yorkers Might Not Know

1: While it seems like the obvious choice, Brooklyn Bridge wasn’t its first name. It has previously been referred to as the “Great East River Bridge,” the “Great East River Suspension Bridge” and the “New York and Brooklyn Bridge” until 1915 when it was officially named.

2: It quickly became a symbol for feminism. When the brainchild behind the project, John Augustus Roebling, passed away his son, Washington Augustus Roebling, took over the project. However, he fell ill and was confined to his bed. After this his wife, Emily Warren Roebling, took control of the design, construction and business management. She completed the project, went on to earn a law degree and published essays pushing for gender equality.

3: Emily Roebling was the first person to make a trip across the bridge.

4: In May 1884, 21 elephants trekked across the bridge in order to showcase just how stable and safe it was for humans to cross.

5: No one knows the original color. For years there has been a debate amongst historians if the landmark was originally tan or red.

6: The Brooklyn Bridge was the first suspension bridge to use steel wire.

7: The landmark officially opened on May 24, 1883 after 14 years of construction.

8: It cost $15 million for total construction & labor costs – the equivalent of $320 million today!

9: The Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world for 20 years, until the construction of the Williamsburg Bridge.

10: More than 100,000 cars and 4,000 pedestrians cross the bridge every day!

11: In 1964, it was officially designated a National Historic Landmark.

12: It is a very popular location for movies, films & sitcoms with over 160 appearances to date!

13: The bridge has been “sold” several hundred times. George C. Parker will forever be known as the greatest con-man in American history. Legend has it he “sold” the Brooklyn Bridge twice a week for close to 30 years!

14: Today, the bridge is equipped with safe walking paths, bike paths, benches and historical plaques.

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